Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Gideon Matthew!

We welcomed Gideon Matthew into the world April 25th at 9:18 PM Central Mountain Time!! He is 7 pounds 12 ounces and measured 21" long. He bested Lydia, my biggest baby, by 5 ounces. He is very sweet and quiet, tolerating well even the coldest wipes against his tiny baby bottom!

Joshua and I are praising God for His care and protection of Gideon and me during these last few weeks. We see now that had we not trusted Him and rather listened to the advice of the doctors several weeks ago, Gideon would have been several pounds smaller and not as fully developed. How good God was to give us clear direction in that decision!

We had an ultrasound at the doctors office today to confirm that he was in position and his measurements looked good. They estimated that he would be between 7 pounds 8 ounces and 7 pounds 12 ounces. Pretty accurate! They also said that he was facing up, towards my belly button. That meant that his head was not resting in the proper position and could have been what had delayed active labor. Also, That there was not a risk to him, or me, because of this, only that it could make pushing more challenging.

We arrived at the hospital after 8 PM, my contractions were 5 minutes apart, and he was born after only about an hour. When he was born, he was facing the correct position, and we think it was because I had chosen to labor on my knees leaning over the back of the bed. My water broke on its own shortly before he was delivered. He was born very pink, and cried strongly but very briefly. He is nursing well and has already made two dirty diapers for Daddy. He is strong and curious, turning towards lights and sounds...especially his daddy's voice.

I was so blessed to have my best friend, Joshua, and my dearest Nashville friend, supporting me through labor. They communicated everything I wanted to the hospital staff and doctor when I couldn't and were so very encouraging. Our pastor and his wife generously opened their home to James, JoyAnna, and Lydia for the evening. God has taken care of every detail so perfectly...what a faithful, merciful, and loving Heavenly Father we serve!

I cannot wait to introduce the older children to their little brother in the morning!

Thank you, dear friends and family, for praying for this boy and his mama! God has heard and answered, and I am in awe again of His goodness towards His people!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Come Soon, Little Gideon!

I went to the doctor on Friday, March 29th. I was not even 37 weeks yet and was already dilated to 4cm. My doctor warned me to get to the hospital right away when I went into labor because it would probably go very quickly.

The next Wednesday we went to a car lot to shop for a minivan. After walking around for several hours and finding out the one that we were going to buy was just sold, we decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant. I ate their spicy salsa and ordered chicken fajitas. Yum! I was stuffed. Towards the end of the meal I began having strong contractions, some of which were only 3-4 minutes apart, and a sudden urge to visit the restroom. Uh oh! We decided that since we were only a mile away from the hospital that it would be wise to get checked before the 40 minute drive home.

When I got to the hospital, we learned that I was 6cm. dilated. Even though all contractions had stopped and nothing else seemed to be going on, they would not release me. So I spent the night in the hospital.

In the morning, I was 8 cm. dilated...without having any real, consistent contractions. Maybe just one or two here or there, and they were not very strong and certainly not painful. All night the doctors had been pressuring me to let them break my water. They insisted that I was having stalled labor and needed to be helped along. By this time I was only just 37 weeks. Not only did I not want to experience a "helped along" labor, but Josh and I were concerned that it was a little too early for our little guy to be born. If things weren't progressing on their own naturally, baby was healthy and strong, and I wasn't even to full term, why should we be in such a rush? We just weren't convinced that I actually ever WAS in labor like they insisted I was. Another few days, or even a couple of weeks, in the womb just seemed to us to be better for baby.

By the next evening we had a choice to make; allow the doctor to artificially get things going, or leave the hospital against medical advice. We chose to leave. I got the "you and baby will die if you have an unassisted birth outside of a hospital" spiel, signed the papers releasing the doctors and hospital from any responsibility, and happily left the hospital.

And here we are...still no baby! At my last check-up on Friday, April 11th I still was only 8 cm. My doctor could not believe that I was so far dilated and not in active labor. They did a non-stress test, drew blood to make sure that my blood count was good, and could not believe that I was walking around like that. Gideon is strong and healthy, and I know he has grown because now I am feeling the discomfort.

Everyday I grow more excited to meet this new little one that God has been lovingly knitting together in my womb. Everything is set up and ready for his arrival. Josh brought home our minivan on Saturday. I have all of my hospital bags packed and in the trunk. Infant car seat is waiting at the door to go too. I can't wait to post that he has joined our family!!