Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Reflections: The Bread And Wine

The Bread And Wine

How rich the story which they tell-
The broken bread, the wine outpoured-
Of grace that saves from death and hell;
Of love, the love of Christ the Lord!

Through cruel bonds He sets us free,
Through dreadful gloom to gladness brings;
He dies in shame upon the tree,
Outcast, to make us priests and kings.

Can ever soul redeemed forget
How much He bore for love of us?
Sure, none may hope to pay the debt
To the dear Lord who suffered thus.

'Mid thoughts of joy our tears are shed,
We bless Him for the blood He spilt,
Yet mourn the sin that bowed His head;
His was the shame, but ours the guilt.

By this His own appointed rite
Do we His love commemorate,
Recall that sad betrayal night,
The garden's woe and Calvary's fate.

E'en while is spread before our eyes
The broken bread, the wine outpoured,
The pierced form we recognize,
And joyful cry, "It is the Lord!"

Sweet mystery of love divine,
True meat and drink by which are fed
Our hungry hearts - His blood the wine,
His body broken is the bread.

-Robert Marshall Offord 

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