Saturday, January 12, 2013

Farm Day!

What could be better than snuggling some fuzzy bunnies on a Friday afternoon? Not much... 
We spent some time yesterday afternoon visiting Flowers Rabbitry in Punta Gorda. Mr. and Mrs. Flowers were most generous with our family! We were quite impressed with how knowledgeable they were in everything we asked them about. They knew so much not only about the breeds of animals they own, but about many other breeds too...and not just bunnies! 

We went to cuddle and learn about English Angora rabbits. We left having pet, fed, kissed and plucked eggs out from underneath various other farm animals. (Well, the eggs only came out from under chickens). Mr. and Mrs. Flowers sent us home with a dozen farm fresh eggs...which I served alongside some sausage and french toast for dinner (courtesy of Publix)! 

James and JoyAnna made cards to bring along to thank Mrs. Flowers for letting us come visit.

 They also baked and iced some sugar cookies that they cut out into rabbit shapes. They had so much fun, and I think they turned out pretty cute! We made the white icing for the face thin enough to paint on with a pastry brush, which worked pretty well and was lots of fun for the kids to do. I helped guide their hands when they did the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

I made my herbal foot bath to take along. I always have such a hard time trying to tie the yarn around the lid to secure the fabric. There MUST be an easier way! Of course, it fell off twice before we got there. Once on the way to the car, when a certain bouncy boy was carrying it, and the second during the car ride when unprovoked. Oh well! It's what's inside that counts, right?
James and JoyAnna really liked the bunnies. But I LOVED them! They are so soft and warm, and oh so cuddly! Really, they are sort of like little, breathing pillows of love. I had dreams last night of turning our playroom into a rabbitry! I wish I had taken more photos...when I got home and looked through I couldn't believe that I hadn't taken any of the little babies in their cages, or any of the mama and daddy bunnies. We will definitely be going back to visit and I will get some more pictures then.

When we left the rabbitry, Mrs. Flowers brought us outside to show us the rest of the farm. We met three horses, one pig, other types of rabbits, including New Zealand meat rabbits which were enormous! (And as Joshua said, "Quite tasty!") There were also many different types of chickens, which they show, and there were even a few turkeys. James and JoyAnna were given treats to feed to the pig and the horses each got one too!

That's one big pig!

Mrs. Flowers brought us inside, where we met a beautiful macaw, a sweet dog, and a skinny pig. All of which, unfortunately, I failed to photograph! James, my sweet boy who is forever smelling EVERYTHING, of course smelled his hands after he touched the skinny pig. How embarrassing! 

Mrs. Flowers lent me her drop spindle, some sheep's wool and some angora fiber to practice spinning with.Then, Mr. Flowers took James and JoyAnna out to the chicken coops to collect the eggs they sent us home with. 

On the way home, I asked the kids what their favorite part was. JoyAnna said, "Holding the baby bunnies!" James said, "Getting the eggs with Mr. Flowers! Oh! And holding the bunnies too!"
Joshua loved everything! The horses, the pigs, the chickens, especially the turkeys. And my favorite, of course, were the angoras! 

Some day we hope to have our own little farm. But we will wait and see what the Lord sees fit to give us. And, Lord willing, we will be content with whatever He chooses, knowing that He always gives according to our good and His glory. (Romans 8:28)


  1. Wow, it sounds like you all had a very fun day! Wish we could have been there too : )

  2. Me too! Hope you all are well...miss you tons!

  3. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing. Maybe I can be the photographer next time so I you can get in the pics. Maybe at the bee farm.

    1. Oh, I can't wait to go to the bee farm!