Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Learning To Read

Ever since they were babies, I have been longing for the day that my children could read by themselves. A whole new world is available to someone when they can read! Our children know that when they finally learn to read, they will be given their very own Bible. This is a great incentive for them, because one of the things they love most is reading and talking about those faithful (and sometimes not so faithful) men and women who have gone before us in the Bible. 

I've been working with James, and sometimes JoyAnna, with a book called The Reading Lesson: Teach your child to read in 20 easy lessons. I have borrowed it from the library a couple of times over the past few months and have used it to help teach James how to read. I really like it. We tried another book at the library that is similar, but he just didn't take to it like he did this one. This week he's really been learning by leaps and bounds, which is so very exciting! 

After today's lesson, which ended with us doing a crazy reading dance around our living room in celebration of his success, (it's okay, we're not technically Baptist anymore) I asked him to read the short story again for me so I could take video to share with you. He was very happy to oblige:


It's really great fun! It is such a blessing to have a husband who supports and allows me to stay home to teach and take care of our children.  :) I can't imagine not having the joy of watching my little ones take their first steps, or say their first words, or write their name or read a little story for the first time.


Josh was so impressed at how quickly and how well James is reading after only 6 weeks that he insisted we purchase our very own copy of the book!  I am going to be looking into their Big Words for Little Kids book as well as their Verbal Math Lesson book to possibly use for next year.

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  1. Congradulations James! Your reading just like a big boy. Oh Heather Im so happy to see this. I rejoice with you. Of all the memories I have of my children when they were small, helping them learn to read is certainly amongst the happiest. Blessings always, Miss Paula