Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago Josh and I woke up before the sun to drive to the hospital for the planned birth of our first child. After a near miscarriage and very difficult pregnancy, our sweet and wonderful James Nathanael arrived at 3:05 in the afternoon, full of vim and vigor..and a voracious appetite for milk! I think if we added up the hours I have spent nursing my 3 babies, half of them would have been spent with him alone! And that is fine with me...what precious hours they were!

Over the past five years we have watched him learn to crawl, walk, run, climb, skooch, use the potty, use words, get dressed, sing hymns, ride a bike, make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, dig gardens, write his name, read a book... Oh my, where has the time gone?

We are thankful to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for this wonderful, undeserved gift! James has brought so much love, laughter, joy, encouragement and sweetness into our lives. Our prayer has always and will always be: May the Lord be pleased to save him and use him for His glory and honor!

James is born!

James at 12 months

James at 2 years

James at 3 years
James at 4 years

James at 5 years!

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