Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Final Easter Reflection: Calling


Oh, carry thy burden no longer,
The weight of they sin and thy grief,
But go unto One who is stronger,
And know He can give thee relief.
More gentle than dew-drops in falling,
His voice to the sad and opprest;
The weary and sin-sick He's calling,-
Is calling to peace and to rest.

Why wilt thou still linger and languish,
Why starve on the husks of the field,
When Jesus can heal all thine anguish,
And bread in abundance can  yield?
There's pardon for all they transgressing,
And grace that can cleanse thee within,
And treasures of love and of blessing,
Instead of the bondage of sin.

Oh, come to the One that is yearning
Thy Saviour and portion to be;
The heart that awaits thy returning
Once bled for thy sin on the tree.
To know Him is life everlasting,
To lose Him is death evermore!
And wisdom would bid thee be hasting,
While mercy keeps open the door. 

-Robert Marshall Offord

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