Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Where Do Babies Come From?

Of course this question comes during dinner on a Tuesday night when Josh is at class and I am left to fend for myself.

James: "How do men kill fish to eat?"

Me: "They can't breathe when they are out of water and they just die."

James: "Oh."

Me: "Fish have gills, the don't have lungs like we do. They can only breathe underwater."

James: "Dolphins can't do that. Or whales."

Me: "No, they breathe air. They are mammals. Do you remember what mammals are?"

James: "No."

Me: "Mammals are animals that have live babies, they don't lay eggs. They give their babies milk.They have lungs and breathe air. They have hair on their bodies and are warm blooded."

James: "Where do baby dolphins come from?"

Me (TOTAL deer in headlights look, then Divine Inspiration): "They come from God, just like our babies do."

James: "I like this song!" (We were listening to some praise music during dinner.)

Me: "Phew!"

I am so glad that he is satisfied with the simple version for now. 

Why is this topic so scary for parents?

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