Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Back To Florida

In February Josh’s company hosted a conference at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando. Grandma and Grandpa met us there and picked up the kiddies to take back to their house for the weekend. It was such a wonderful time to just spend one on one, even if it was a business trip! We ate the most delicious food there and the shampoo was really nice.



When we got to Cape Coral Grandpa gave everyone tractor rides, we celebrated James’ birthday and visited with family.  Lydia fell in the parking lot and got a boo boo. Ouch! We even got to go swimming and fishing with Oma and Opa! See how the fishies follow the bread?


Josh and I took them to Lakes Park and we rented a surrey too. We sure missed doing that! A nice lady took our picture. I guess we looked like tourists.


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