Friday, June 13, 2014

Leaf Raking and Bonding Time in New Jersey

In November we made a trip to New Jersey. It was a bittersweet time for us. My grandmother was in the hospital living her final days.


When we weren’t at the hospital, we tried to keep things light. We raked leaves for Grandpa Beaver. It was Josh’s first time raking leaves. And our children’s first time really seeing a huge accumulation of fallen leaves on the ground. So it was also their first time jumping in leaves.


Lydia hated it. She opted to supervise. James and JoyAnna had a great time. Josh got blisters. We learned an important lesson that day – gloves are a necessity when raking. Uncle Timmy owns his own landscaping business. Maybe James will grow up to be apprenticed to him? JoyAnna can take care of marketing and Lydia can keep the books, or something.


James and JoyAnna rode ponies at the Padilla’s house.

And Lydia developed a special bond with her Uncle Timmy.


As we drove past the “You are now leaving New Jersey” sign on the interstate, JoyAnna burst into tears. She wanted to stay and live there. Sweet girl! When you are old enough to learn about taxes and politics, my dear, you will change your mind.

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