Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Winter Fun in Nashville

My children had never experienced snow before moving to Nashville. How sweet it was to see their excitement the first time it snowed! By Christmas time they had seen a number of snow showers, but no accumulation to really enjoy. Even though we had a very, very cold winter there was hardly any snow. After polling the locals I’ve learned that this was an odd winter. Colder and with much less snow than normal.


Then came Christmas. We ended our Thanksgiving vacation with Josh’s family down at Stone Mountain outside of Atlanta, GA. In one of the homes on the plantation property they had yarn strung up all around the children’s room. It was tradition that parents would hide a present in their bedroom, tie a yarn to it, and then criss-cross the yarn around the room. In the morning each child would follow his or her yarn until the gift was found. We thought this would be a fun tradition to begin in our house, so we did. And true to his nature, Josh gave it his all. The poor kids never had a chance…


The yarn spanned two rooms of our apartment. Lydia’s was very short and simple, but she probably had the hardest time of all because she had to climb over and under James and JoyAnna’s yarn tangles. I’m not sure who had more fun…the kids, or us!

DSC00279Lydia and I sat on the couch and patiently waited while the older two kept wrapping yarn. (Notice my ugly Christmas sweater?) James loved his new slippers and K’NEX. JoyAnna just had a blast ripping wrapping paper. Daddy got a wonderfully fuzzy wool hat. And Gideon only had 4 months to go!






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