Thursday, June 19, 2014

Photo Shoot

Here are some group photos I took of the kiddies last week. James is 6, JoyAnna is 4, Lydia is 2 and Gideon is 7 weeks old in these pictures.


  1. Simply ADORABLE! :)

    The Roethle family misses the Eads family! :(

  2. The Eads family misses the Roethle family too!!! :( When is the Roethle family moving to Nashville? :D (And when you pass the Mena's house in the moving truck, make sure you pick them up too!)

  3. They are beautiful..... Miss them so much! Can't wait until Stone Mountain!!

    Jame's is a baby hawg!! JoyAnna is getting so big... and Lydia did not have her thumb in her mouth (how did you make that happen???) -- Gideon is a tank - he reminds me of Joshua and James when they were babies.

    Love Papa Boat!!

  4. Awesome pictures.... Love them.

    James is soo big and such a loving big brother to Gideon.
    JoyAnna and Lydia look like they have both grown an inch or 2 since we last saw them.
    Gideon looks like Joshua and James when they were babies.... all chunky monkeys!!

    Miss you guys - can't wait until Stone Mountain.

  5. They are all so big! Sweet pictures!
    We wish you were closer!
    Lots of love!

  6. They are beautiful. Can't believe how much they've grown. This lady misses you all immensely. Love you all.