Friday, June 13, 2014

Catch Up

Blog posts from me have been few and far between. One of the reasons is because I had no way to get the pictures off of my camera…or so I thought! And the other reason is because updating my blog just has not made it very high on the priority list.

Out of pure necessity this evening (our memory card on the camera was full and would not take any more pictures) my husband figured out that our odd-sized memory card that our digital camera uses actually DOES fit into the printer, and thus I actually COULD have been uploading my pictures these past 10 months!

I suppose it’s now time to try to play catch up a bit.

I hope you enjoy seeing and reading what we’ve been up to since we relocated to Nashville. Of course, this will just be a very small sampling since I haven’t used my camera much in the past several months.

So if you have found yourself wondering whether or not we have crawled under a rock hardly to be seen anymore…now you know the truth!

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