Saturday, June 14, 2014

Thanksgiving in Gatlinburg

DSC00077We spent last Thanksgiving in an amazing cabin in Gatlinburg with Josh’s parents, his siblings and their spouses and our nieces. All in all there were 10 adults plus 5 children, every one of them under the age of 5! It was chaotic, but so much fun!


It snowed!! I think it was the first snow that our kids really got to experience since our move. We were very excited! Everyone bundled up and ran outside to have snowball fights and build snowmen. DSC00041DSC00057DSC00070DSC00056DSC00058







Josh worked so hard to roll up enough snow for a snowman. Once he had rolled up two balls for the bottom two portions of the snowman and stacked them, he put it on the trunk of our car. While he went to roll a head, the other parts slid off of the car and smashed on the driveway. Oops. He was devastated. He spent the next 30 minutes pouting on the pavement and contemplating the meaning of his existence. Poor thing.


Tennessee is such a beautiful state! The mountains there in Gatlinburg are just incredible. We drove up into them one day and the snow and ice were beautiful.









We visited Cade’s Cove. It is a driving tour. Lydia got to drive.There were deer grazing in a field. Josh was thinking out loud that if he only had his bow and arrow he could make the shot from where we were parked. He said, “That, my children, is food.” And Lydia promptly pointed and said, “Food!” Quite comical. It was only appropriate then for us to head downtown to the Jerky Store and pick up some venison jerky. Mmm good! (In case you were wondering, it was a very cold day!)







We visited The Christmas Place, The Apple Barn (you must go there and have some apple cider donuts and hot cider!) and enjoyed some snuggle time with Erma and Erpa too!


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