Friday, June 13, 2014

Hello, Nashville!

Since we were arriving in Nashville in the fall, we were all very excited about apple picking. It was going to be a first for everyone except me. I grew up picking apples each fall, and when I was old enough to get a job, I worked at the orchard we used to pick at every year.


I found an orchard nearby that grew Crispin-Mutsu apples. Those are my favorites! Pratt’s Orchard in Lebanon. So one morning, after we had gotten settled in just enough that we could justify taking a break, we drove over to go picking.


The nice old man at the country store in the orchard, (Mr. Pratt?), gave us a basket and a wagon and told us where each type of apples were located. The girls hopped in the wagon, James found a buddy, and I hopped through the orchard like a happy little fawn.


Yum, yum, yum!








After we picked, we drove over to Cedars of Lebanon State Park. One of the things we LOVE about Tennessee is that there are no fees to visit their state parks. They had a craft that day, so James and JoyAnna made butterflies. In the garden, Josh found a locust skin. James didn’t want to touch it, but JoyAnna scooped it right up. So brave! I remember collecting them as a little girl so we could paint them. How we came up with that idea, I will never know.


There are so many sinkholes in that park. They were really scary to me. I kept envisioning the upper parts collapsing on our heads. Yikes!




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